A quick look back

Back… Waaaaaay back around Christmas of 1998, I came up with this crazy idea that I wanted to make a movie. I’d never made one before but who cared… How hard could it be right???

Fast forward to 2004 and through sheer act of will power, the help of about a hundred eager and (depending on the day) somewhat dedicated volunteers, a whole bunch of passion and absolutely no clue as to what was really involved, Lost:Black Earth was released to the underwhelming audience of a single screening. That went wrong. The projector died!

With so many technical, creative, quality and other issues, the movie was destined to sit on a shelf for all of eternity. That is until a little web site named YouTube started (you may have heard of it..)

August 2012 in a flash of motivation, I encoded and uploaded the film. It took 2 weeks to upload the file as the internet was so crap. I thought any cast and crew that hadn’t seen it would watch it and that was about it. 3 Years later and it has had over 1.7 million views and hundreds of comments ranging from.

“Brilliant effort. Damn sure it beats a lot of mine.” ~Andy Fleming
“This is the cheezy kinda SciFi that makes cheezy SciFi well worth watching” ~Mikell Hildahl


“shit” ~andrzej123453
“Jesus who made this crap.” ~blackzed

I did blackzed, I did…

And for the record it is crap. There is no hiding from this fact. It is everything you would expect from someone who had no idea what he was doing, leading a bunch of misfits who equally had no idea what they were doing. (okay, maybe a few knew) but they followed me anyway which was a questionable choice

With this new found interest, I figured it was time to relaunch the web site lostblackearth.com, create a facebook page and use its new popularity to shed light on other indy films that are being released.

Fast forward a few more years to 2019 and I’m taking down the web site to give Lost a permanent home here, amongst all of my creative work.

Share it with all of your cheap SciFi loving friends.
Share it with those who don’t love sci-fi.
Share it with people you don’t like.

Have an amazing day smile emoticon
James Cole ~Producer / Director

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