The History of JCPhotographicArt.com

17/5/2013 - 11/07/2018

In May of 2013 I created a website to host all of my photographic and artistic creations. I wanted it to be a place to show off my work and also direct people to where they could purchase it printed on various products through Redbubble.

I spent considerable time setting up the website and added several pieces of artwork. It became clear fairly early that it took a long time to add each post the way I wanted it. So much time that after about ten images, I just lost interest. Too much effort for very little to no reward.

Fast forward to 2016 and after some encouragement from several friends, I overhauled the website to have another go. Made it look a lot slicker, created some nice category images and made the process somewhat easier to add images.

This time to overcomplicate matters (seems to be a repeat obstacle I create for myself) I set the intention to write a short story for every image I uploaded. It was a creative challenge for myself.

The idea wasn't a bad one but life got in the way. I was in the middle of my masters degree and simply didn't have time to work on it. Because I'd set a standard for the first bunch of images, it felt wrong to not write stories for all of them. Instead, nothing got done. So the website sat and sat and stagnated.

In June of 2018, I made the decision to pull the pin. I had this website that I'd been working on primarily for my written creations and decided I'd make it a hub for all of my creative works. My focus was to streamline the process as much as possible so that I could spend time creating and not fluffing around with websites.

In July of 2018, I transferred all the content I wanted to keep across to this site and set up the old domain to redirect to this page.

It's been a long journey but finally, there is an online home for my photographic and digital art works.

Have a beautiful day

James Cole

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