The Heritage Archives

Over the years, I've had a lot of websites. A lot! So many I've lost count. From the early days of building horrible looking HTML websites, progressing to coding PHP sites. I literally spent months coding a PHP site and discovered WordPress the day I finished. WordPress did everything I had just created in one neat package.

So I made the switch to WordPress and began the long road to figuring it out. Still, there was a lot of coding in PHP and HTML required to get a site to look and do what I wanted. I always like to push technology to its limits.

Somewhere along the line, I made a couple of sites in iWeb. The Apple-made website builder that made making a website look good easy. It was, incredibly easy to make something that looked good. But at the end of the day, the functionality was lacking and Apple did what Apple does and the abandoned it rather than updating it.

So I thought it'd be nice to pay homage to some of the sites I've had over the years in this little area.

Have a beautiful day

James Cole