Venus Beach

Venus Beach - Black & White landscape photography by James Cole

A stormy seascape at Venus Bay in Victoria. Biting winds and looming skies made this a difficult shot to get. One that was worth the challenges.

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Plains of Thunder

Plains of Thunder - Storm Photography by James Cole

I made my way up the small hill, to find the full spectacle of the storm, lightning flashing all around as I stood in awe, holding on to my metal tripod.

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Highway Bokeh

Highway Bokeh - Abstract Photography by James Cole

A dark highway, late at night, rain teaming down, wipers setting their hypnotic rhythm as the lights blur and focus is lost. Highway Bokeh by James Cole.

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Monoliths of Melbourne

Monoliths of Melbourne - Moody Cityscapes Photography by James Cole

Monuments to a dying age, magnificent structures standing tall, like monoliths to remind future beings that we once existed. They felt like they had been standing there for eternity and could stand for eons more.

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Mintaro of Monegeetta

Mintaro of Monegeetta - Historical Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography of a homestead with a history. This Historical building was once the location for a horror movie I edited, “The Gates of Hell”

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