Unfortunately that image is unavailable for sale

Possible reasons...

Not all of the images I post on this site are available for sale as prints or on the various products. There are a number of reasons.


It may be an image that I took for a commercial job and do not own the rights necessary to sell it.


It may be that an image contains content that I deem as inappropriate to profit from. Such images may include those of accidents or disasters where people have suffered. Although I feel it is okay to capture a moment like this, I personally am not comfortable profiting from it.


An image may be of personal moments in my life. Such as family snapshots or meaningful moments to me. To me, it would cheapen the memory to sell these images.

If you really are interested in purchasing one of these images or finding out more about them, feel free to send me a message on with the form. Remember to include the name of the image.

So why is there a giant red button stating "Purchase at RedBubble"?

Well, because in an effort to speed up the process of posting images, I designed my web page theme to populate all the information automatically so all I had to do is upload the image and write a blurb about it. This way I have more time to work on creating stuff and less time spent fluffing around with web design. I'm sure there is a way to code a button to not appear if it doesn't have a product but that is beyond my abilities. Maybe one day I'll get around to sorting it out. Or maybe some nice person will figure it out and do it for me 😉

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