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Sitting on a breeze

Sitting on a breeze
Washing pain through my head.
A sculpture of my death.
The last chapter read.
Whip the sea into a frenzy.
Wander through it like a bee.
Slipping through the fingers of a craniotomy.
Trapped eternal hopeless.
Search for broken sanity.
Synesthetic hallucinations.
Grand illusions.
Baked delusions.
Then it stops!
It disappears.
The world that’s known.
Full of fears.
Empty from the source.
Breathing through falling tears.
Then it stops a second time.
Heartbeat pumping blackened wine.
The demon rising once again.
Shrouded pain unto the end.
But it’s different than it was.
Light is stronger.
Lifting fog.
Strength outlasting all the dirt.
Bringing end to endless hurt.
Sorrow giving way to love.
End begins again with hope.

Meaning behind the words

When I write, the words have a specific meaning to me. Sometimes when I read them back months or even years later, they can take on new meanings, relating to what I am going through at the time rather than at the time I first wrote them.

I also know that you, the reader, may have your own interpretation of the words and I would never want to take away from that. The meaning you take from the words is just as important as the original meaning I wrote them with. Maybe more so.

With that in mind, I have provided the original meaning for the curious but hidden it behind a drop-down screen so that it doesn't accidentally corrupt any thoughts you may be having. Just click the heading below to reveal it. I will also invite you to share your thoughts and interpretations in the comments.

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