What is this pain inside my head?
Maybe I'm dying. Maybe I'm dead.
What if I live in this limbo state?
Where will I go? What is my fate?
My mind is collapsing. Am I insane?
What if I am, who is to blame?
I get closer each day to a dark padded cell.
Maybe an asylum, but what if it's hell?
The fire is burning through my black soul.
What is there left? A big empty hole.


The pain is increasing. The pressure is great.
Is it from all the anger or build up of hate?
A gun to my head may do the trick.
Let the blood run. So red. So thick.
If I walk with the dead will I have learned?
That life is so precious and shouldn't be burned.
Maybe the Sun will rise high in the sky.
Will my nightmare be over? Can I kiss it good-bye?
Or will the storm get intense and ever more severe?
Will my heart swell up to be a big bloody tear?

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