The clouds are clearing from the sky.
Revealing the moon as she bids a good bye.
It is the begining of a brand new day
sent from the Gods and thrown our way.
The birds are singing and fluttering around
while larger animals stir on the ground.
The Sun breaks free and shines across the land
glistening and sparkling like glitter in sand.


This isn't the Sun. Something is wrong.
For it is the explosion of an atomic bomb.
The blast it rushes in every direction.
From this you can't hide. There is no protection.
Trees are uprooted and buildings fall down.
Creatures are no longer as they melt to the ground.


It's the ones that survive who will suffer the most.
As they loose everything they considered close.
Time it ticks on, mutations appear.
As the world comes to grips with a new meaning of fear.
Reinvention of life, wishing to die.
As they drink the acid that now falls from the sky.
The day is now ending and the clouds reappear.
They will never forgive us for dropping it here.

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