The Mirror

I stare into the mirror, as it casually and unaware

reflects the true nature from within my soul.

A dim light of hope that redemption may still be possible.

A flash of images projects onto my mind.

Red, blood, hatred, death.

Is there a pleasant thought in there?

Ah! A family, A picnic, rolling hills.

A fire, trapped, death. No!

Is my mind twisted, sick or depraved?

Murder, violence, death.

Stop it. Stop it! Too much blood,

too much violence, too much gore.

Is my condition normal?

Does everyone have these thoughts,

with only a few sick enough to follow through.

Where do these thoughts manifest from?

Too many horror movies?

or the acknowledgement that death is unavoidable?

Will the true answer ever be known?

I fear not until this world, this life is a distant memory.

Can I Wait?

Maybe… For today.

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