The blackness that has swept across this great land is by no chance. It is I who has challenged its greatness and have conquered. The hatred and suffering that I have spread is just the beginning of what I have in store for you. I will erase you and your brothers from existence, and I will do it slowly and I will do it painfully. Every tree and every flower will be slain and ripped from its roots. Every creature will be slaughtered into extinction. And every building other than my own, will crumble into mountains of concrete and glass. The rivers and streams will choke on my poisons and the air will become thick with sludge. It will not be long before you can feel the air as you move through it. I will create great balls of flames of anyone who disagrees with me or who feels that they are better than me. This will show them that they are not! I am not afraid of God. In my eyes I am God. Although I am but one I have the power of thousands. My vision is clear. If it is good I will destroy it. If I cannot destroy it I will enslave and control it. Are you listening to me. This is your government speaking.

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