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The Great Aussie Windmill

Date - January 2, 2006

The Great Aussie Windmill - Landscape Photography by James Cole

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About   the   picture

This was more of a piss-take than a serious photo. I was on a photography road trip with a friend. I saw the windmill and got him to pull over. I said, "we can't be serious Australian photographers until we have a shot of an outback Aussie windmill." I think he took me seriously as he started looking around for the best shot. I snapped this one off knowing that I'd never use it...

Back in the studio, I thought I'd go for an even bigger cliche and some water in the foreground with a reflection. Everything below the grass-line is digital. Now I just chuckle to myself when people say how much they like it. Figured I should also have the cliche pretentious and superior attitude of an artist...

And just to prove how much I'm not actually, I had to look up how to spell pretentious ūüėÄ

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