Lightning Rod

Date - May 10, 2004

Lightning Rod

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About   the   picture

This is one of those images that raises the question, when does a photo become digital art?

At first glance, it appears to be a stunning capture with perfect timing. However, it is made up of a number of elements. The photo is the tower and was taken against a very grey and dark sky. So much so that this is technically a full-colour image. I haven't processed the colours at all, as they were naturally black and white in appearance.

As soon as I saw the image, I thought it'd look great with lightning striking the tower and flashing around in the background. So I created some lightning elements in Adobe After Effects and composited them into the shot. Still not entirely happy with the image, I found a shot of stormy clouds to composite into the background sky to add drama to the image.

So is it a photo or digital art?

I honestly don't know and it doesn't feel right in either category. I settled on placing it in my photography section as it feels more like a photo. I have no more explanation than that. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

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