Flight of Colour

Date - May 11, 2004

Flight of Colour 2018 - Bird Photography

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About   the   picture

A beautiful afternoon was spent with my mum at Sherbrook Forest on Mount Dandenong. We took some wild bird seed with us and had a great time feeding the Rosellas and Cockatoos.

I managed to get this photo just as the bird was about to land on my hand for a grand feast. And what a magnificent creature it is.

Unfortunately, the council has put a stop to people feeding the birds now and you can get whacked with a great fine. They claim that it is not healthy for the birds as they lose their ability to find food on their own.

Interesting that just down the road, there is a place you can buy food, step into a fenced off area, and feed the birds for a fee. Makes you wonder what's so special about feeding the birds in this area that makes it okay? Should it be the busloads of tourists that come to visit and oh... What's that? There's a gift shop and cafe there too? Hmmmmm

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