Date - October 28, 2004


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Fountain Gate shopping centre used to be home of a beautiful wetland park filled with birds, animals and all sorts of wildlife. I used to love spending hours sitting and watch them, hanging out with the ducks and reading books.

It is now gone. Bulldozed to make way for Bunjil place, a cultural & creative centre. I guess ducks aren't creative or cultural enough...

On one of my visits, I took the camera along and saw this little guy clambering over the rocks. I'm not sure if it was the cold overcast day or my mood at the time, but it seemed like a foreboding landscape that this ball of feathery fluff was traversing all on his own. The moment felt, isolating and filled with struggle.

Upon seeing the image back in the studio, it didn't quite capture that same feeling. So I processed the image, desaturating the colours and pushing them into the cool blues, adding some rain that wasn't there at the time and casting a vignette to draw focus to his solitude. I think the image now captures the right mood.

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