Creating Lugubrious – High-Speed Photoshop

Creating Lugubrious

Creating LugubriousHigh-Speed Photoshop Date released – October 2, 2009 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Lugubrious ~ adjective – Looking or sounding sad and dismal. After seeing a few high-speed videos of people painting, with hours of work sped up to fit in a short video, I thought I’d have a go. Only, instead of physically painting, I’d create…

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Lost: Black Earth

Lost Black Earth

Lost: Black Earthfull movie Date released – July 17, 2004 About the movie Where do I start with this movie? My first movie. A movie that would take five years of my life from conception to completion. A movie that had ecstatic highs and excruciating lows. An epic learning process from beginning to end. There…

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Lost: Black Earth – Trailer

Lost Black Earth Trailer

Lost: Black EarthTrailer Date released – July 17, 2004 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Lost: Black Earth was my first attempt at directing a feature film. With a band of volunteers, we filmed on weekends for six months in 1999. After a short break to rejuvenate, I settled in for the long haul of editing…

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