Stressed To Kill – Trailer

Stressed To Kill

Stressed To KillTrailer Date released – May 25, 2015 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie I think I first met Mark Savage around 2008. It is a meeting I’ll never forget as Kel Dolen, director of several projects I have worked on, took me along to meet his friend who was in town for a short…

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John Doe: Vigilante – Trailer 4

John Doe Vigilante Official Trailer

John Doe VigilanteTrailer Date released – March 21, 2014 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie In 2011 I worked with longtime collaborator Kel Dolen on his movie John Doe Vigilante. We began working on ideas, tech requirements, styles, and general conversations, long before anyone else was attached to the project. This was his passion project with…

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Lost: Black Earth

Lost Black Earth

Lost: Black Earthfull movie Date released – July 17, 2004 About the movie Where do I start with this movie? My first movie. A movie that would take five years of my life from conception to completion. A movie that had ecstatic highs and excruciating lows. An epic learning process from beginning to end. There…

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Lost: Black Earth – Trailer

Lost Black Earth Trailer

Lost: Black EarthTrailer Date released – July 17, 2004 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Lost: Black Earth was my first attempt at directing a feature film. With a band of volunteers, we filmed on weekends for six months in 1999. After a short break to rejuvenate, I settled in for the long haul of editing…

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UFO Sighting

Lost UFO

UFO Sighting Date released – May 26, 2004 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie I honestly don’t even remember making this video it was so long ago. I do remember why I made it however. It was part of the marketing campaign for my sci-fi movie Lost: Black Earth. Long before the term “viral video” was…

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