Creating Lugubrious – High-Speed Photoshop

Creating Lugubrious

Creating LugubriousHigh-Speed Photoshop Date released – October 2, 2009 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Lugubrious ~ adjective – Looking or sounding sad and dismal. After seeing a few high-speed videos of people painting, with hours of work sped up to fit in a short video, I thought I’d have a go. Only, instead of physically painting, I’d create…

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Life And Death

Life and Death

Life And Death Date released – December 6, 2005 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Toward the end of 2005, I dipped my toes into some experimental filmmaking. Taking an abstract poem I had written a few years earlier, I resculpted it to work as visual poetry. It’s a snapshot of the random thoughts I constantly…

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Cryptorchid – Student Film


Cryptorchid – Student FilmMusic Video Date released – May 27, 1997 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie A long time ago in another galaxy all together… While attending filmmaking class at RMIT back in 1997, I decided to make a music video to experiment with a bunch of ideas I had been brewing on. Being a massive…

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