Creating Lugubrious
High-Speed Photoshop

Date released - October 2, 2009

About   the   movie

~ adjective - Looking or sounding sad and dismal.

After seeing a few high-speed videos of people painting, with hours of work sped up to fit in a short video, I thought I'd have a go. Only, instead of physically painting, I'd create some digital art with Adobe Photoshop.

I already had some screen capturing software called Screenflow, which I'd used in film productions. It made it easier to communicate ideas easily to directors or visual effects artists when I could point things out on the screen. I started recording and opened Photoshop up and began creating.

Often when I create digital artwork I have a base photo I know I want to do something with and no real idea of the end piece. It is a process of evolution and this image was no exception. As you'll see, I spent a considerable amount of time meticulously cutting out a rusty ship from another photo to place on the beach, only to delete it cause I didn't like it.

All up the image took around three hours to create. Once sped up I underscored the visuals with the music is "Ghost I" by Nine Inch Nails as he released the album under the creative commons license. His work has always inspired me and this particular piece definitely set the mood for the finished artwork.

As much as I enjoy being able to look back on the creative process, I did introduce some irritating elements to the workflow. Firstly, I had to work entirely on one monitor as the software only allows to capture one screen at a time. Secondly, it slowed my system down quite a lot, making the process painfully slow. I like to work at the speed of my thoughts and this didn't allow for that. As a result, I believe the end image suffered. Maybe with a faster computer, I'd give it another go.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Screen Capture

Post Format: 16:9

Filmed Locations: Narre Warren North, Victoria Australia

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