Cinematography ShowReel

Date released - March 26, 2006

About   the   show reel

I called this my "Cinematography showreel", it wasn't. Firstly, it was all shot on video not film, which would make it videography rather than cinematography. Secondly, it didn't even showcase my best work. This video was the result of procrastination, pure and simple.

I had some corporate video to edit, wasn't in the mood, so put this together instead. It was a collection of shots I'd gathered over the years of cool locations I'd visited while on road-trips around Victoria and NSW. I even included a few shots of the firework display we put on when I got my pyrotechnician licence. I edited it together to a piece of music created for my sci-fi movie Lost: Black Earth by Matt Farrugia.

Once it was done I had no idea what to do with it so I called it a showreel and that was that. Very few people have seen it and I'm sure even less care. But here it is in all its standard definition glory.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony VX2000 MiniDV Standard Definition 720x576

Post Format: 16:9 ratio

Filmed Locations: Victoria & NSW Australia

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