Star Wars
Wrath of the Mandalorian
(original fan film)

Date released - July 6, 2008

About   the   movie

I actually didn't do much on this Star Wars fan film directed by Kel Dolen. Kel had mentioned it in passing a few times but I had no idea he had actually gone out and shot it until he asked if I could do a couple of the effects shots.

All up I created the shot through Boba Fett's visor at 3:36 and all the light sabres. The battle between Fett and Darth Vader was challenging as it required quite a lot of roto-scoping and frame by frame hand animation. This was before there were such tools that could do it all for you.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony MiniDV Standard Definition 720x576

Post Format: Cropped to 2.35:1 ratio

Filmed Locations: Victoria Australia

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