Food For Thought

Date released - January 9, 2005

About   the   movie

At the end of the four long years I spent making Lost: Black Earth, I needed something completely different to throw my creativity in to. With the announcement of the 2005 Tropfest Film Festival, I thought I'd have a go. If you're unfamiliar with the festival, the announce an object that must be included in the film somewhere to prove that it was made exclusively for the festival. The 2005 object was an umbrella.

My mother¬†has always been a big fan of using old sayings to get her point across. One of her favourites was "you are what you eat" when she'd see me eating too much junk food... Gee thanks mum ūüėŹ

So I thought it'd be funny to see a bird eating a dead bird that was the victim of roadkill only to become roadkill itself. The umbrella would pop open to randomly protect the camera from the splatter of gore.

Of course, I didn't splatter a real bird for the movie. I teamed up with longtime collaborator Colin Paxman and drove to an area I knew there would be some roadkill already prepared. I found a fresh Rosella bird and placed it in position. I filmed while Colin drove my car over the top of the bird.

Then we went to a local McDonalds and armed with some cheeseburgers, I was able to coax a beautiful big raven to sit on the end of the table and take bits of meat while I filmed.

Back in the edit suite, I was able to composite the two shots together and create the splattastic delight that totally satisfied my twisted sense of humour.

As expected, no one else got it and it certainly didn't achieve anything at the festival. I still giggle when I see it.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony mini DV VX 2000 720x576

Post Format: Cropped to 2.35:1 ratio

Filmed Locations: Mount Dandenong, Victoria, Australia

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