Cryptorchid - Student Film
Music Video

Date released - May 27, 1997

About   the   movie

A long time ago in another galaxy all together...

While attending filmmaking class at RMIT back in 1997, I decided to make a music video to experiment with a bunch of ideas I had been brewing on. Being a massive Marilyn Manson fan at the time, I chose his song Cryptorchid to work with.

After several days of planning and creating sets, props and hunting down live worms, I was ready to shoot. I checked out the giant SHVS camera from the college and a day of filming ensued with a fellow classmate. It was just the two of us filming and performing in my garage that was turned into a mini studio for the day. My dad also helped set things up and create certain props.

This was before the days of digital cameras and editing, so all the effects were done in camera. And yes, the worms were really crawling around on my face. One even started its way up my nose. The fire was done with a 45º split mirror I created and a piece of metal to hold the flames, cut to the shape of my face.

The editing was done on an old tape to tape machine with a vision mixer in-between. This allowed me to do the overlay that you'll see at 1:38 and the zoom out to black for the last shot. These were the only two shots created in post-production.

Overall, I was happy with it at the time, even though I cringe now. It served several purposes. To see if I could pull off certain effects I'd read about over the years, to satisfy my love of gore, and to get many "What the fuck is wrong with you?" reactions that I still love to this day.

Several months later, I entered the video into the Australian Cinematographers Society and won an award for a student film. I was genuinely surprised and when I asked them why it had won, the claimed it was because all the effects were done in camera, something very few students attempt.

I also used the win to get some local newspaper coverage. This then caught the attention of Chris Daniels who reached out to me with a grand plan for making movies. We went on to form a friendship that has lasted ever since, wrote a number of screenplays together and Chris wrote and co-produced Lost: Black Earth with me.

I thought I'd never show this film to anyone again, let alone make it public on YouTube. However, I'm no longer working in the film industry and no longer chasing work, so who cares. Maybe seeing how bad this was and knowing it lead to a 23-year successful film career, will inspire someone to keep going when they think they're not good enough.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on SuperVHS

Post Format: 4:3 ratio

Filmed Locations: Narre Warren North, Victoria Australia

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