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Talking French

Talking French by Young Lovers

By James Cole | September 28, 2008 | 0
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Talking French by Young Lovers Date released – September 28th 2008 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie Of all the music videos I’ve worked on, this stands out as one of my favourites. Back in August 2008, a few months after completing The Gates of Hell with director Kel Dolen, he approached me to see if…

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Cryptorchid – Student Film

By James Cole | May 27, 1997 | 0
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Cryptorchid – Student FilmMusic Video Date released – 1997 About &nbsp the &nbsp movie A long time ago in another galaxy all together… While attending filmmaking class at RMIT back in 1997, I decided to make a music video to experiment with a bunch of ideas I had been brewing on. Being a massive Marilyn Manson…

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