UFO Sighting

Date released - May 26, 2004

About   the   movie

I honestly don't even remember making this video it was so long ago. I do remember why I made it however. It was part of the marketing campaign for my sci-fi movie Lost: Black Earth.

Long before the term "viral video" was even thought of and even before there was a YouTube, I came up with this idea of making a fake UFO video with a hidden URL web link in it an no explanation. It's actually a shot from the movie which I degraded to look like crappy handheld VHS footage.

Once completed, I uploaded it to a number of UFO-based message boards and forums. It generated traffic to the website where the full trailer for the movie was and the ability to purchase the movie on DVD (remember those things...)

Yes it's dodgy fraudulent behaviour... I don't care, they were different times and I did what needed to be done to promote my film with no budget.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: No idea

Post Format: Lost the original

Filmed Locations: Victoria Australia

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