Lost: Black Earth
full movie

Date released - July 17, 2004

About   the   movie

Where do I start with this movie? My first movie. A movie that would take five years of my life from conception to completion. A movie that had ecstatic highs and excruciating lows. An epic learning process from beginning to end. I'm thinking this page will be different to all the others in that I may add lots of little stories about the process and keep adding to it whenever I'm in the mood. Who knows, one day there may be enough to consolidate into a book.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony DV Cam Standard Definition 720x576

Post Format: Cropped to 2.35:1 ratio

Filmed Locations: Victoria Australia

If you'd like to know anything more about this project, ask any questions in the comments below.

Watch   it   with   Directors   Commentary

This audio commentary was recorded not long after the completion of the movie to give some insight as to what went on behind the scenes. I was still very young and naive to the whole industry and process. I've thought about recording a new commentary with 20 years of perspective. Maybe I will... Maybe I won't.

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