Nano Power CMI
Corporate Video

Date released - February 26, 2006

About   the   movie

In early 2006, Chris Daniels and myself were hired by Brian Power, CEO of Realtek Industries to come up with a way to educate manufacturing companies on the benefits of switching to nano-manufacturing. We were loaded with information and given contact with various scientists and engineers to ask questions. The whole process was fascinating and it has been interesting in the years since, seeing much of that technology that was being researched at the time, come into reality.

Never wanting to make boring corporate videos, Chris and I talked about ways of getting the message across in a story format like a short film. I think Chris came up with the idea of it being like an investigation. I instantly jumped in with an excited "Oh we should do it like an old black and white P.I. film noir movie." And so was born the concept of Nano Power.

Chris wrote most of the script as he has a talent for taking technical, sciencey stuff and breaking it down into entertaining information. I added a few ideas here and there while mostly working out the production side of everything. Brian loved the finished script and gave us the green light.

We shot it at a nano-technology research lab over two days with a great cast and crew. While setting up for the first shot of the day, one of the 2K lights had blown a globe. While changing it, I forgot to turn off the power and managed to electrocute myself. The experience was shocking... Half the crew wanted to stop and call an ambulance but I wouldn't have their laziness. I dusted myself off and got on with the shoot.

The worst part about corporate videos is that they're always on a tight schedule and we only had a week to put this one together. Post production was a blur of days blending into one another as I edited, created the visual effects, composed the music and mixed the sound. Somehow it was completed on schedule and was loved by all involved.

The project premiered in Japan at a cutting-edge nanotechnology conference and was screened on one of the first paper-thin, flexible screens. It was the hit of the show. It's interesting that particular screen technology is only now starting to gain commercial use.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony HDV Cam 1440x1080

Post Format: Cropped to 2.35:1 ratio

Filmed Locations: Knox, Victoria Australia

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