McRae Nissan - Silver Lightning
TV Commercial

Date released - September 1, 2006

About   this   commercial

In 2006 I was employed by WIN Television in Albury to produce commercials under the pretence of raising the quality of their regional ads to that of the metro areas. It wasn't long after starting I realised this was going to be an uphill battle. And by 'uphill' I really mean, scaling a vertical cliff-face made of razor-blades with a cotton thread as a safety rope.

Before I took over the role, the average time spent on each commercial was 4 hours and the average budget was $200. Somehow the management wanted me to up the quality without spending any more time or money on the ads. For anyone that has even a remote clue about project management and concepts such as the Project management triangle, you'll know that this is simply impossible. Of course, the tradeoff was my time and the time of my co-producer Chris Daniels. As we both ended up working up to 18 hour days to pull off the extra quality required.

This commercial was a little different in that after a couple of meetings with Ron Sharp, the manager of McRae Nissan, we were inspired to make something really cool and he was willing to spend the extra dollars to make it so.

We spend a day filming the cars driving all around the countryside and even got permission to shoot a few shots on the runway at the local airport around some vintage planes they had.

Still having to squeeze 2 commercials out each day, I took to editing and creating the effects for this ad at night and after a week of challenging work that I actually enjoyed, the ad was complete. Ron and the Nissan team loved it and I got my arse handed to me by the WIN management for spending so much time on it. Good job I've never really been one to care what management thinks. For me, it's always about the client's happiness.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on XD Cam Standard Definition 720x576

Post Format: Cropped to 16:9 ratio

Filmed Locations: Albury, NSW, Australia

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