Designwyse Apple Mac - Globe Skateboarding Competition
TV Commercial

Date released - February 15, 2002

About   the   commercial

This is the first commercial I ever made. I was deep in post-production with my sci-fi movie Lost: Black Earth at the time and had made friends with Damien Bear, a sales rep at Designwyse. Back in the day, DesignWyse was a leading Apple dealer in Australia before there was such a thing as the Apple Store. Damien had an interest in filmmaking and would later become an editor and producer.

He called me one day to see if I was interested in shooting a commercial as DesignWyse was sponsoring the Globe International Skateboarding Competition in Melbourne 2002. The catch was, we had a day to make it...

I jumped at the chance. With no real idea in place, I grabbed the camera, and Damien and I with a couple of other staff members set off to the local skateboard park to film something. On the way, we came up with the idea for which the ad became. Damien starred in the ad as the main skateboarder. He was actually quite a good skater and found it difficult to fall off on cue.

After a quick shoot, we raced back to the main showroom to get some extra shots and then back to my studio to piece it together. After a long day, we delivered the final ad and it was on the big screens at the event the next day.

Technical   aspects

Filmed Format: Shot on Sony VX2000 MiniDV Standard Definition 720x576

Post Format: Cropped to 16:9 ratio

Filmed Locations: Dandenong, Victoria Australia

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