God Child

Date - June 29, 2006

God-Child - Digital Artwork by James Cole

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About   the   picture

Some artwork I like when it's finished, some I don't. This I really don't. And yet it resonates with other people. This was another battle image created for the NAPP (National Association for Photoshop Professionals) forums. I had an idea in my head and couldn't quite get there.

It didn't help that I made this in my early days with Photoshop and everything was done destructively. For those that don't know Photoshop, there are multiple ways to do most things. One of them is Destructively, which means what you change to a layer is set in stone. If you delete something, it's gone forever. The other way is Non-Destructively which uses layers, filters, masks, and other techniques to get the same results in a way that can be changed at any time.

So because every change I made was set in stone, it was impossible to change anything without going back to the start. There's so much I'd do differently now but I guess that's all part of learning. My biggest mistake was locking in the position of the text. This has caused many limitations with the image, including the products I can print it on.

Maybe one day I'll revisit the concept from a different angle.

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