Date - November 3, 2005


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About   the   picture

A friend was moving to Ballarat so we went on a road-trip together to look at houses and find mischief. Like most days in Ballarat, it was cold and gloomy. While driving around we discovered the old Ballarat cemetery and decided to go in for a look. Unlike many of the cemeteries in Australia, this one actually felt old. It had an air of history around it.

Once back in the studio, I wanted to create something spiritual about the image. Looking through my photos, I saw the shots I'd taken of my plasma ball and thought they'd make great looking spirits. Ethereal energies, rising from the graves.

I gave the image a moody sepia tone to enhance that sense of age and decay. This is one of my favourite creations. I always thought there was more to it than could be described; more than what was captured.

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