Touched by God

Date - July 18, 2009

Touched by God - Fantasy Art by James Cole

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About   the   picture

I took this photo while visiting Tullamarine airport near Melbourne. I spent a couple of hours photographing mostly the big passenger jets as they approached for landing. Then this small propeller engine plane arrived. It seemed so small in the giant grey skies.

Once I got it back in the studio, I really wanted to push that sense of smallness I felt as I took the shot. What could be smaller than a tiny plane being caught in a giant storm? I added some background clouds and created the lightning and rain. I did add sparks and light flashes at the point of contact but it really detracted from the loneliness of the image.

Read the short story

I have written a short story based on this artwork. While uploading this image here, I got inspired to write a short story about it. It is about a man, high above the earth, the lone passenger on a small plane. Caught in a devastating storm, he is confronted with the infinite abyss of death as he comes to terms with his life choices.

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