Date - November 3, 2005


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About   the   picture

This image began it's life when I purchased a plasma ball. After a day of playing and being mesmerised by it, I thought it'd be fun to photograph it. Turns out it wasn't that easy with the camera I had at the time. The plasma was not very bright and my camera was quite shit in low-light. It didn't help that the plasma was constantly moving so I needed to find that happy balance between exposure shutter speed.

In the process, I managed to break the plasma ball and all of the shots were crap and filled with noise. Determined not to let the whole thing be a waste of time and money, I started playing with the images in Photoshop. Adding layer on top of layer of the plasma.

Over time, I notice it beginning to take shape and it looked like an eye. A fucked up eye, but an eye none the less. So I began to sculpt with that purpose in mind. Because of my headspace at the time, I made it looked as messed up as possible. Affliction seemed like the perfect name.

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