Date - November 3, 2005

Grumpy - Horror Zombie Artwork by James Cole

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About the picture

This image began as a snap of my dad working in front of his garage. I asked him to show me an angry face and he did in an overly exaggerated expression. I also took some shots of an old horror latex mask of a zombie that I had.

I pieced it all together in Photoshop with some extra textures and hand-painted details. When I finally showed my dad the finished picture, he was not amused. Secretly, I think he loved it.

Read the short story

I have written a short story based on this artwork. While looking at this image one day, I came up with the idea to write a short zombie apocalypse story. With so much zombie material out there, I really wanted to approach it from a different point of view. With so many zombie movies out there, we so often see what people do but rarely get to know what they are thinking. So I decided to write it entirely from within the head of one of the characters. Hearing his inner voice of what he is going through.

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